Beaches to Check Out in LA

1. Descanso Beach

Also known as Descanso Beach Club, Descanso is your one-day Cabo-esque vacation. Located on Catalina Island, this beach-party oasis features quiet mornings, days of swimming and adventuring, and nights of great restaurants and bars. Although it is a private beach, it has public access, so make sure you get there before the summer ends!

2. Corona del Mar

Located in Newport Beach, this beach contains all the amenities of a popular, well-groomed beach, while still maintaining an original character and unique style. Corona del Mar has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of tranquil beach lounging, or surfing or beach volleyball, you will find your perfect beach here. There are even tide pools! Corona del Mar is perfect for a getaway with friends or family.

3. El Matador

El Matador is a lesser-known Malibu beach located off of the Pacific Coast Highway. Between its tall crags and beautiful sand, it contains some of the most beautiful sights in California. In addition to beautiful sights, this beach offers great surfing and swimming, and its proximity to Malibu makes it an ideal location for an all-day excursion.

4. Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is available for beach days as well as hiking, camping, or sightseeing at the Historic District. Between its natural seashore and surrounding wilderness, this state park is a great location for anyone looking to get away from daily stresses.

5. Venice Beach

Although Venice is a classic LA beach, there is much it offers that is worth checking out for a day this summer. The beach itself has great surfing and beautiful waters. The seaside shops are fun to walk around, containing all sorts of funky clothing and knick-knacks. Besides that, Abbot-Kinney is close-by, available for some fabulous window-shopping on a summer afternoon.

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