Tea Spilling


It’s Tuesday you guys and we are spilling ALL the tea! We asked these college students about their most memorable late night adventures and this is what they had to say!


Submitted by P.S.


“One time after a night out I was going to go back to this boy's apartment that I knew from mutual friends. We will call him jack. And so jack called the Uber for his roommate, his roommates friend, him, and myself. And we all got in. Well, once we all piled in the Uber, Jack's roommate's friend realized that I was going home with jack and started yelling at him. The truth came out (of the closet) that they had been secretly sleeping with each other, and when the roommates friend saw that I was going home with Jack, he got veryyyyy jealous. Needless to say. I had called another Uber while in the original Uber to pick me up from jacks house as soon as we arrived.”


Submitted by J.S.


“I’m from the south and we are not used to snow so whenever it snows, everything shuts down. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. My first year of college we received no more than 5” of snow during our spring semester. Our university, like the state, shut down everything--with the exception of our dining halls. The night that we received word that campus was closed for a few days, our housing community agreed to meet outside for a snowball fight. We successfully organized and hosted the largest and most fun snowball fight I’ve ever participated in. Snow days for the win!”


Submitted by J.J.


“So I was in my friend's room with her suite mate. And we kinda knew her but never really hung out besides in the room. And we had some wine and decided to walk downtown and go out. By the time we walked down there, we decided against it. We went and rang the campus bell and proceeded back down through campus to Snelling. And we just got cookies or something. But it was just a very pretty night and we were all happy and carefree.”  

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