Top 10 Holiday Albums For Your Car Ride Home

Here is your comprehensive list of everything you should be listening to on your car ride home this winter break:


1. Mariah Carey

Best Song: All I Want for Christmas is You

Why: Must I say more?


2. Michael Bublé

Best Song: Cold December Night

Why: Not super slow but also not super festive, it makes for a cute and fun tune without the typical Santa Clause rhetoric.


3. Anúna 

Best Song: Away in a Manger

Why: The perfectly performed harmonies give the song an eerie yet beautiful tone, perfect for a chilly holiday drive.


4. Elvis Presley

Best Song: Blue Christmas

Why: This song is also not overly festive, but is Christmas-y enough to get you in the mood for a holiday reunion with your loved ones.


5. Nat King Cole

Best Song: The Christmas Song

Why: This song always makes me think of sitting around the Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate and opening presents with my family, and immediately fills me with the warmth of Christmas morning no matter where I am.


6. Frank Sinatra

Best Song: I’ll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams)

Why: It’s classic and beautiful and reminds me of the important things in life and in the Holiday Season.


7. Beach Boys

Best Song: Little Saint Nick

Why: Performed in the classic Beach Boys style, this song is the epitome of a surfin’ Santa Clause Christmas.


8. Jackson 5

Best Song: Up On The House Top

Why: It’s definitely a Jackson 5 song! It adds a jazzy and happy feeling to the Christmas spirit and will easily keep you awake on any long car rides.


9. Judy Garland

Best Song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Why: It’s such a classic, there’s no way I couldn’t include this in the list. If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas album, put this on.


10. Frozen

Best Song: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Why: Admittedly, not a Christmas song, but there’s nothing more timely than this album for the Holiday season.

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