1. We provide a platform via our App and our Website for passengers and drivers who register with us (collectively, “Users”) to connect, arrange for and share rides with each other.
  2. We assist Users in posting and displaying information about themselves to our web site, which other Users can use to evaluate whether they want to share rides with that User.
  3. We provide a means through which Users can make payments to each other in connection with their rides. When a passenger pays for a ride, the payment will be sent to Swifte, who will hold the funds until the ride is completed, after which Swifte will pay the driver. The prices for such rides are negotiated directly and solely by and between the Users. We may provide information regarding suggested pricing for rides or typical fares charged for similar rides.
  4. We charge a fee when you book rides via Swifte. The fee is deducted from the payment made by the passenger to the driver.
  5. We provide a means for Users to rate and review other Users and to have those ratings and reviews made available to other Users.
  6. In the event there is a dispute between or among two or more Users with respect to a ride, we may investigate the dispute and determine whether a full or partial refund is appropriate.
  7. We may send you advertising and promotional materials from Swifte or third parties, text messages and push notifications.
  8. We may remove from our site any Inappropriate Information when we become aware of it.



  1. We do not provide or arrange for provision of cars or drivers. Users who offer themselves as drivers on Swifte are not employees or agents of Swifte and have no authority to act or speak on Swifte‘s behalf.
  2. We do not inspect or investigate any Users or their vehicles, nor do we make any representations or warranties in that regard.
  3. We do not provide any assurances that any rides negotiated between Users in fact will occur; that drivers will pick up passengers on time or at all; or that Users will reach their destinations on time. We also make no assurances regarding the timing, duration, quality or safety of the rides.
  4. We do not verify or in any way express an opinion with respect to the truth or accuracy of information provided by Users in their User Profiles. It is up to you and you alone to evaluate and determine whether you want to share a ride with one or more other Users.
  5. We do not express any opinion, nor do we make any assurances regarding, the truth or accuracy of any User reviews or ratings.
  6. We do not remove reviews or ratings, or any portion thereof, unless they contain Inappropriate Information.
  7. We do not set prices for rides.